Solid Surface Counters

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are many types of material that can create beautiful solid surface counters. Just two of the manmade ones that are popular now include Corian and Avonite. Although they are expensive when compared with laminate counters, they can create some really beautiful effects, and are extraordinarily durable and resistant to wear.

People buy solid surface counters such as Corian and Avonite despite the expense because they can get a look that can't be achieved with natural materials or cheaper manmade ones. In addition, though they are hardwearing. Should they need repairing it is possible to do this without spoiling the overall look of your countertops. Beauty and durability are not the only advantages that these materials have to offer though.

Solid Surface Counters and Technology

Such solid surface counters are made from special polymer blends that have only been made possible through recent technological breakthroughs in the plastics industry. They can be used to create whole kitchen and bathroom fittings that are one piece, whereas in days gone by several different components would have to have been used together. This creates some exciting possibilities.

Solid surface counters can now form an integral part of a sink, washbasin or tub and more. There's virtually no limit to the shape or depth to which these materials can be crafted. Both Corian and Avonite can be created to imitate rich, expensive natural materials such as granite or marble. It is particularly easy to create a tailored look, and both these products come in a very wide range of colors.

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