Written by Patricia Skinner
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Swanstone have become renowned for their range of bathroom and kitchen collections. Distinctive and stylish, they provide everything for a beautiful home including counter tops, vanity tops and bowls, decorative wall panels and more in addition to the more traditional bathroom fixtures and fittings. From your tub or shower tray, right down to your soap dish, you can find whole ranges that coordinate and look wonderful together.

Swanstone Ranges Match!

If you like things to match, you'll love the Swanstone selection of matching shower walls, floors and vanity tops. All in attractive granite colors, such products can form the basis of a really beautiful bathroom. These items are made from solid surface materials, which means they are not just covered with a thin layer of veneer. Even years of scrubbing won't rub your color or texture away.

Swanstone thought of absolutely everything so that you can create a customized shower that even has a seat and recessed shampoo shelf. If you long for a shower that seems to really be designed for the happy bather, this is the place to look. The great thing about it all that you won't suddenly be struck with mold or mildew either, as these products are resistant.

Because Swanstone products are seamless, there is no grout to clean. You can find all your bathroom fixtures to match and fit beautifully into your design. Even if you want to have the whole range, you won't be faced with a situation where you have to get one fixture from a different company so that the scheme is thrown "off" slightly.

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