Undermount Kitchen Sink

Written by Patricia Skinner
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An undermount kitchen sink is one that slots under the counter so that there is no rim showing above. With an undermount, the seal between the sink and the counter will come below the counter instead of above it. It may be slightly more difficult to install than an overmount sink, but it's nevertheless a strong choice for many because of its sleek modern appearance.

The advantages of an undermount kitchen sink are primarily that it looks nicer, in the opinion of many kitchen designers. Undermounts are a favorite with nearly everyone it seems. Undoubtedly undermounts are more attractive with smooth modern kitchen design. Another benefit is that it allows wiping directly into the sink; there are no ridges in the way. Some people cite the fact that it gives more counter space as a benefit, but truthfully this is going to be pretty minimal unless you're really tight on space to start with.

Types of Undermount Kitchen Sink

You can get an undermount kitchen sink in just about any material you like. Stainless steel, porcelain, Corian and more. If there are any disadvantages with an undermount sink, it is that if you should ever need to replace it you'll have to remove the counter (probably) so it would be a more complicated issue than replacing a top mounted sink. Remember that with an undermounted sink the faucet is going to be set right into the countertop.

For some people this might be considered a disadvantage. For others it would just be a better opportunity to show the faucet off to its best advantage. You can get an undermount kitchen sink to fit into just about any space. What's more, it's quite a simple matter to install two side by side.

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