Written by Adriana Umana
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Bathroom vanities are often chosen for their appearance rather than their practical value. This means that for many home owners, the way their bathroom looks is sometimes spoiled by the lack of storage and resulting clutter. Of course looks are always important, but bathroom vanities should be picked primarily for their ability to incorporate everything you own in the way of bathroom paraphernalia and stay looking great.

Choosing Tops for Vanities

Tops for vanities can look really great nowadays as there are so many durable materials that can be used. Marble, granite, quality laminates and Corian are just a few that can be mentioned; the drawback is that they're all a little expensive. If you're tempted to choose a cheaper material, remember that of all places, the bathroom is where paintwork and anything delicate will take more of a beating. Impervious materials like Corian and granite will shrug off water, nail varnish remover and even heat from your hairdryer or heated rollers.

If you've set your heart on a wooden vanity and accents for your bathroom, there's no need to disappoint yourself. Just pick from the wonderful bathroom vanities available and make sure you substitute the top for a counter made of any of the above materials. Do yourself a favor and make sure your bathroom's good looks last by not using vanities with tops made from material that won't stand up to the damp and punishment.

Another important consideration for bathroom vanities is lighting. Whatever type of light you've chosen for overhead, remember that the lighting around your vanity needs to be effective but flattering, if you're not to be scared to death every time you look in the mirror. Pick a soft color for best effect. Lighting at the sides of the mirror is generally better than overhead lighting for flattering the face too.

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