Vessel Sink

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The vessel sink, though a comparatively recent bathroom innovation, is becoming rapidly more popular among homeowners who want their bathroom to reflect their lifestyle as closely as possible. Hence, the style is more to be found in the bathrooms of young executives who are open to the newness of this revolutionary bathroom concept. The original concept was to imitate a Greek vessel having a fountain flowing into it. Think of a Zen fountain and you have the unique essence of most vessel sinks.

What Is a Vessel Sink?

The setup for a vessel sink is usually a receptacle that looks exactly like a china bowl resting on a wooden, metal, or stone column plinth. Typically the faucet is set into the wall above the sink, or into the plinth itself. Many variations on the theme have now developed though and you can even find vessel sinks with integral faucet mountings. Some purists would insist that this does detract from the concept a little, but it can have more practical applications.

You can find a vessel sink in many different sizes and made from a range of different materials. Glass is actually a popular material for this style, but stone, metal and porcelain are also favorites. Glass, however, seems to set the design off to perfection in many different styles of bathroom.

Smaller sinks are favored for this style, although it is possible to find larger sizes if you look. To accommodate this growing trend in bathroom sinks, most bathroom fixtures manufacturers now have a vessel faucet range too. Since it can be difficult to accommodate the soap on a vessel sink arrangement, it might be practical to consider a liquid soap dispenser to avoid mess in the bathroom.

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