Wheel Chair Accessible Bathrooms

Written by Adriana Umana
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The first rule for creating wheel chair accessible bathrooms is to provide ease of entrance. After that comes allowing plenty of floor space. A person in a wheel chair needs more room to maneuver than one on foot. A minimum of 60 inches is required for a wheel chair to turn. Of equal importance though, is the concept of barrier free facilities.

For truly wheel chair accessible bathrooms, it is important that the toilet, urinal, handbasin and any other installations are fully accessible to the wheel chair bound. This means no protrusions which could be dangerous. The toilet must be approachable either from the front or the side, by a wheel chair, to allow for transfer. Hardware should be easily accessible and operable. Levers are the best type of faucets for wheel chair accessible bathrooms.

Wheel Chair Accessible Bathrooms that are Truly Barrier Free

Barrier free design has evolved to the point where it is now very easy to find sanitaryware ready to slot straight into wheel chair accessible bathrooms. Where once it may have been necessary to go to the expense of special orders, you can now provide barrier free facilities for around the same cost as facilities that are not accessible to the handicapped. In addition, barrier free facilities, thanks to the imagination of many talented designers, can now be just as attractive as any less accessible products.

Other terms used to describe wheel chair accessible bathrooms are universal bathrooms and barrier free bathrooms. All these terms denote the truth; that far from being restrictive, creating accessible facilities, including bathrooms, only serves to make buildings more attractive to all kinds of people who may need that extra accessibility. Creating a wheel chair accessible bathroom will give a building the edge over one that doesn't boast such facilities.

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