Accent Furniture

Written by Tara Peris
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A few carefully chosen pieces of accent furniture are all you need to bring a room together. No matter its size, a room should never be cluttered with unnecessary objects or adornment. The right understated pieces will highlight a room's strengths without overwhelming the space or attracting undue attention.

Every room needs a finishing touch, that little something that pulls a look together and makes the atmosphere feel complete. The right piece of art, a well-chosen vase, or a small piece of furniture can make a tremendous difference in the ambience you create. More often than not, these accent pieces are things we acquire along the way, as chance encounters allow us to come across the perfect item for rounding out home decor.

Simple Is as Simple Does

When choosing accent pieces, the goal is to exercise restraint. Even if you favor a cozy look or prefer ornate design, you should be wary of going overboard with accessorizing. Remember that less is indeed more, and that the right piece will outshine scores of poor alternatives. Take your time and look around before making a choice, and you fill find that you achieve your look more effectively.

As always, the Internet is a valuable resource for generating ideas. Between decorating websites and a host of online retailers, it should be easy to find ideas worth trying at home. Draw on what others have done and add your own touches to personalize the look in your own home.

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