Bathroom Towel Sets

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Modern interior decorators place great emphasis on having an attractive bathroom. While the bathroom may be the last room your house guests see, it might be the one that makes the greatest impression. When decorating a bathroom, style and color are the most important decisions you'll have to make. The towel set you choose will be an essential aspect of your bathroom decor.

Bathroom Towel Sets for Decor

In a typical bathroom, two bath towels are displayed on a long towel bar, two hand towels hang from towel rings, and the wash cloth belongs in the shower. A wash cloth can be placed on the edge of the bathtub for decorative effect. A bathroom towel set should be color coordinated with the rest of the bathroom. Each towel should have an identical pattern, but not all of them have to be the same color. If your bathroom features white and blue tiles, for example, white bath towels and blue hand towels will look great together.

Many homeowners find it convenient to own multiple towel sets. When guests stay over, it's nice to offer everyone their own dry, clean towel. If you have several bathrooms, or if the one bathroom in the house experiences a lot of morning traffic, you really need several towel sets. Occasionally putting out different color towels will subtly change the look of a bathroom. Try blue bath towels and white hand towels one week, then reverse the colors the next week.

When shopping for bathroom towel sets, you have a wide variety of colors and styles from which to choose. Choose towels that will highlight the colors and patterns of your bathroom, or buy white, which matches everything. Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself as you redecorate.

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