Bed And Bath Decorating Ideas

Written by Tara Peris
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If you've ever taken a crack at do-it-yourself interior design, you know that finding decorating ideas for the bed and bath is not always as easy as it looks. Somewhere between that initial vision of a fresh new look and the actual execution of our ideas, things go woefully awry. It takes real skill--a keen eye for color and composition for starters--to bring an idea to fruition.

There comes a time when most of us will have a go at redecorating. Whether it is a first apartment in need of creative space saving measures or an old bedroom room that craves a new look, most of us will venture into the domain of home decor at some time or another. It can be equal parts fun and folly undertaking this creative new task.

Most of us enjoy giving a room a mental makeover, imagining ugly fixtures that are suddenly gleaming and new or an old comforter surreptitiously concealed behind a fluffy new duvet. This is the fun part. The challenge comes when we try to carry out our ideas. All too often, things don't go as planned.

Redecorating Redux

Anyone who has tried this knows the routine. You have one image in your head, but it is another that slowly materializes in front of you. Perhaps the paint did not dry as expected, leaving you with a shade of yellow more blinding than soothing. Perhaps that seemingly dainty night stand made the room feel cramped rather than cozy. There is any number of things that can go awry, and mishandling the smallest details can derail plans entirely.

Yet, these mishaps are par for the course. They are especially common in the bed and bath areas, where we often are eager for dramatic makeovers. As some of the most frequently utilized rooms in the house, the goal is to keep form and function in harmony with aesthetic ideals. This is a challenge for new decorators and the real trick is to keep things simple. Recycle what you've got, bring back old pieces in new ways, and then accentuate with a few new details. This more moderate approach inevitably saves money and prevents major catastrophe.

As always, the key to success rests with the details. You do not need to make sweeping changes in order to change the atmosphere of a room considerably. The right accessories can carry a theme in a new direction and bring fresh life to a tired look.

Martha Worthy Makeovers

You need not be artistically inclined to carry this out effectively; however, you do need to keep the right resources close at hand. Books, magazines, and online decorating sites are all excellent starting points. Use them both to brainstorm and to seek more specific advice on transforming a bed or bathroom.

As you take your tentative first steps, bear in mind that almost any mistake can be undone, so long as a good return policy is in place. Compare policies online and hold onto your receipts, recognizing that if things don't come together as planned, you can pare down as needed. This will alleviate pressure and hopefully, will preserve the fun of the endeavor.

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