Bed Comforters

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A bed comforter should complement the bedroom flooring, walls, and furniture to form a cohesive decorating scheme. There are dozens of acceptable bedroom styles, and for each style, you have plenty of comforters from which to choose. The right bet set for you depends entirely on personal decorating taste.

Choosing a Bed Comforter

If you want to keep your existing furniture, flooring, and wall colors, selecting a new bed comforter is simple, because your choices are limited to bed sets that match your bedroom. Starting from scratch, however, is more complicated, but it gives you the freedom to choose whatever colors and pattern you want. When redecorating, decide on the type of bedroom you want, then choose a comforter.

Bed Comforters for the Romantic Bedroom

In Western culture, the color red is commonly associated with passion and fiery romance. However, make sure you don't go overboard with red, because it's such an intense color. A fluffy cream-colored comforter with red and pink pillows sets a very romantic mood.

Differing textures of red work especially well together. Dark red drapery will make the bed look especially inviting and will look great over a white comforter with light pink floral patterns. Keep some red and pink scented candles on hand, and your bedroom will look like it's Valentine's Day all year.

Cottage-Style Comforters

A cottage bedroom makes you feel warm and comfortable. The fabrics commonly feature stripes, plaid designs, or floral patterns. The drapery, comforter, and pillows do not have to match in a cottage bedroom. The comforter should complement, rather than correspond with, a set of sheets and pillows that have something in common with it but do not match exactly.

The comforter can feature a light blue floral design, and the pillows can be faded green. Casually decorated bedrooms often have themes, like patriotism. A blue and white comforter with red pillows is a great look for the proud American. An informal appearance is what makes a cottage so comfortable. Some people feel that formality is too constricting.

Shop Online for Comforters

Interior decorators have dozens of names for various decorating schemes. For more ideas, you can always watch Home and Garden Television or read magazines on interior design. There are plenty of online catalogs that provide high-quality images of comforters and bed sets, so it's not hard to find a comforter than matches your current bedroom scheme. Many online stores offer prices that you won't find anywhere else. Some retail outlets sell bedroom sets for several thousand dollars, while some internet merchants sell comforters for slightly more than $100.

The bedroom, more so than any other room in the house, is a personal sanctuary. The appropriate comforter depends on your personality. Do you want romance, or a comfortable place to read a book? You start and end your day in the bedroom. Choose a bed set that puts you in your favorite mood.

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