Country Curtains

Written by Tara Peris
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Country curtains add a feeling of warmth and comfort to just about any room. Whether adorning a bay window in the kitchen or an expanse of pane in the living room, these delicate window hangings are an ideal way to set the mood. Without speaking too loudly or overshadowing other elements of decor, they make the home environment seem all the more friendly and inviting.

Window hangings are notoriously difficult to choose. It goes without saying that you want something stylish and sophisticated, but it can be really difficult to envision what a particular window treatment will look like when it's installed at home. Sometimes what seems sleek and minimalist in the showroom will seem bland and unexciting at home. At other times, a bit of embellishment that initially seems appealing can come across as gaudy or overdone once it's actually hung.

Tried and True

Although there's no easy answer to this dilemma, some bets are safer than others. In particular, it's hard to go wrong with classic designs. Country curtains are one such option, and there are a number of fabrics and designs that one can safely choose to brighten and enhance a home.

Indeed, one of the most compelling features of country prints is the warmth they exude. They conjure images of sunny days and simpler times and create an indelibly homey climate that is hard to get with other window treatments. Although the designs and styles are remarkably varied these days, they are linked by a common intimacy and warmth that will surely add to any home.

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