Double Down Comforters

Written by Shirley Parker
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Double down comforters are often on guest beds at the Ritz Carlton, as well as at hotels that don't appear to be luxurious until you get inside. And then, look out! You can sink in the opulence in every area of the hotel. That includes the lobby, the reading rooms, restaurant, and physical fitness rooms (in spite of the old gym socks and chlorine smells), as well as individual suites.

Generally, you'll find double down comforters in use in colder climates or at higher altitudes, where extra warmth, especially at night, is greatly welcomed, even by those who live there year round and have acclimated themselves to it. Buying a double down comforter for your own bed may not be the best investment, if you live in a moderate climate. They'll feel too hot.

If you keep the house rather cold at night, as many San Franciscans do, that's a different story. Down reflects back your own body heat, so if you're normally a warm person, you can probably get by with a lighter weight down. If you have a lower body temperature, because that's the way your system is, you might need a medium weight. Labels should be helpful, especially if you've done some research ahead of time.

A Carriage and Horses or Double Down Comforters

In cold climates, you may not find a liveried coachman to greet you at the door, as at luxury resorts in temperate climes, but then again, you might. And in any event, what is it worth to see a beaming housekeeper, carrying huge, thick double down comforters straight to your room and the one next door? It makes thawing out after the airport wait for the shuttle even more enticing.

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