Down Featherbeds

Written by Tara Peris
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Down feather beds are an ideal way to promote healthy sleep. Designed as a type of mattress supplement, these plush additions are placed between the bed pad and the fitted sheet to provide added comfort. They turn any bed into a soft, fluffy haven that is sure to have you snoozing soundly in no time at all.

Goose down is one of the most effective insulators. All natural and remarkably warm, it has a distinct ability to administer heat without smothering or overwhelming the body. The result is perfect temperature control throughout the night, a condition that is bound to optimize the sleep cycle. If you've ever enjoyed a night at a luxury hotel, you know that upscale establishments use nothing but premium down on their beds.

Drift Away

Although most people are familiar with the benefits of down comforters, far fewer appreciate the benefits of a feather bed. A plush feather bed complements the firmness of a good mattress by providing the airy, lightweight feel of a comforter. What you get is a fantastic sensation much akin to floating on clouds. You will drift to sleep effortlessly when supported by this comforting bed environment.

Notably,a feather bed is also an ideal way to salvage a mattress that has seen better days. A good bed can provide additional support and help to promote healthy positioning during sleep. This in turn will ensure that you enjoy a deep, sound slumber that lasts the whole night through.

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