Down Pillows

Written by Tara Peris
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Down pillows provide unsurpassed comfort and support allowing you to sleep comfortably and safely through the night. Especially good for those with back and neck injuries, these pillows can be used to promote proper alignment of the spine. A bit more expensive than the average synthetic pillow, down is an investment that will reap rewards for years to come.

The use of goose down pillows can be traced back over 2000 years to Imperial Rome. Some sources suggest that these feathers were used in the cushions and beds of royalty, providing early precursors to the modern-day use. The natural warmth and light weight of down-filled materials made them an instant favorite among the elite, and provided a cost effective way to withstand the effects of the elements.

Choosing a Pillow

Modern technology has enhanced the natural benefits of goose down immeasurably. Encased in high thread-count fabrics that allow materials to breathe, the down is allowed to work to maximum benefit. When you buy a down pillow, you should pay careful attention to the casing fabric as durable materials will prevent leaks and ensure the integrity of the pillow for years to come. A good thread count and proper ticking are essential to a well-made pillow.

You should also think about your specific sleep needs when choosing a pillow. There are four major classes of firmness ranging from soft to extremely firm, and you want to choose something that keeps you comfortable throughout the night. Along these lines, if you are prone to allergies be sure to buy a pillow with pre-washed, hypoallergenic feathers. This will keep you sleeping safe and sound without a sniffle.

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