Feather Bedding

Written by Shirley Parker
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Feather bedding? In the 21st century? Do they still make that stuff? Oh, it's for movie sets when they can't find some old, moldy thing that looks halfway decent.

Yes, they still make feather bedding: luxurious mattresses, pillows, comforters and duvets. They're used in movie sets if the script calls for it, and in luxury hotels and private homes, too. They're clean, hygienic, wonderfully comfortable, and quite often, hypoallergenic. Some featherbeds even have a down top and come in twin, double, queen and king sizes. Unless a manufacturer builds them strictly to order, taking a week or two, they ship within one or two business days. For such a special addition to your home, that level of service is nothing to complain about either way.

Covers are woven from tough cotton cloth that may have at least a 240-thread count per inch. This minimizes dust getting through to set off allergies, as well as prevents the feathers from waking you from your nap by sticking into you as you roll over or change position. With sidewalls and other padding inside the covering, even if the cat gets curious, he likely won't set off an explosion of feathers across the room.

Feather Bedding is Worth Listing in Your Will, Even Today

Your parents may well have inherited your grandparents' feather bed. Have you given some thought to who will inherit your brand new luxury bed or bedding? Go ahead and specify in your Will who's going to get it, and even tell the heirs ahead of time, if you think it wise to do so. That won't prevent a determined wrong person from hauling it away even before your funeral. However, if your lawyer has your Will locked up, so it can't be destroyed, that relative can be forced to give up the feather bedding. We'll assume he or she won't shred it in a fit of pique.

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