Flannel Sheets

Written by Tara Peris
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Few things provide the comfort of flannel sheets. From the crisp days of early autumn to the bitter cold of mid-winter, there is nothing like flannel to keep you warm and relaxed. It is one of those sure-fire remedies bound to help you sleep the night away.

Most of us remember our first pair of flannel sheets. Whether placed on our beds in childhood or sent along with us to college, these bedding pieces remain memorable for the sense of comfort they instilled. Soft to the touch and instantly warm and cozy, they were all we needed to feel safe and sound and ready for slumber.

Weigh In for Comfort

Not much has changed. A good pair of flannel sheets can instantly conjure the same warm sentiment. The best brand lines offer double-brushed fabrics that are smooth and soft on both sides of the sheet. This ensures even use on both sides and in turn, more even wear and tear. In addition, a good flannel sheet will resist the tendency to pill or fade and will preserve its good looks over years of regular use.

A good way to evaluate the quality of a flannel sheet set is to inquire about sheet weight. When you get up around four to five ounces, you'll know you have a substantial sheet. Linens that are this weight can be used with comfort year-round and are bound to sustain multiple rounds in the wash.

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