Futon Beds

Written by Tara Peris
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Futon beds remain a favorite among college students and young professionals alike. Few forms of furniture offer the same cost-effective versatility as a good futon, and it is hard to beat the timeless appeal of the basic design. Better still, with the right construction, these beds can be remarkably comfortable for both lounging and sleeping.

There was a time when futons were the bane of house guests nationwide. Uncomfortable as couches and downright miserable as beds, they seemed good for little more than aesthetics. People would just as soon stand as spend time slumped down in a wilting futon mattress. Although seemingly smart purchases, futons actually got very little use.

Creature Comforts

These days, things have changed a great deal and futon beds are considerably more comfortable. Modifications to the basic frame structure have made for a firmer, more consistent mattress space. The result is that a good futon can compete with most traditional beds when it comes to comfort and relaxation. At the same time, it requires a fraction of the space and can be used in the living room with ease.

When these improvements are coupled with the fundamental utility of the futon, it is easy to understand why these beds remain staples in so many homes across the country. Requiring minimal space and serving multiple roles, it is hard to find a multi-tasking alternative to compete with the futon. It is the ideal way to provide comfort and relaxation in a cost and space-efficient manner.

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