Hi Riser Covers

Written by Tara Peris
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Hi riser covers are casings that allow a bed to double as a seating area. Similar to a daybed, the hi-riser is the ultimate space saver and its bedding is usually a bit pared down. Although simple in its design, the right bedding keeps it sleek, sophisticated, and versatile.

If you've ever looked for standard daybed bedding, you know that the options are endless. From whimsical pink Barbie prints designed for little girls to upscale micro-suede fabrics of the Armani variety, it is possible to achieve a number of different looks. When it comes to hi-risers, the story is a bit different and finding attractive bedding requires a bit more ingenuity.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Most hi-riser bedding comes in the form of quilts that zip around the bed. When well executed, these beds resemble a kind of minimalist chaise that can be used for both lounging and napping. The challenge is finding bedding that can accommodate the height and depth proportions of these unique beds.

This is where creativity is needed. Few department stores carry hi-riser covers, and even the major bed and bath stores do not always have them in stock. Your best bet is to shop online, looking for distributors who offer an array of daybed bedding. Online merchants usually maintain a decent selection in stock, ensuring you'll have your pick of high-quality designs. A number of really attractive options await, but you must exercise the persistence to find them first.

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