King Duvets

Written by Shirley Parker
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King Duvets are an unknown item in many communities, since they may be called king comforters instead. Strictly speaking, though, duvets usually have a removable cover and comforters don't. However, duvets are still warm, though utilitarian, when a cover has had to be discarded.

Nowadays, duvet covers may be zippered for easy removal, but in the olden days, as when you "walked five miles to school, and it was uphill both ways," they might have had to be unstitched to be removed, if the seamstress or quilter had not found a simpler way of closing the cover. She may have used buttons or may have folded a flap inside, the way some cushion covers are still made.

King duvets may be made even wider and longer than formerly required by the Standard (Eastern) and California (or Western) king mattresses that are on the market. The California king mattress is narrower and longer than the Eastern King. However, today's mattresses are so much deeper than they used to be, and often have additional padding on top of that, which means sheets and comforters or duvets need more fabric in them to fit properly. We're speaking of a picture perfect home here, but no one needs to hang his or her head if such is not affordable.

Covers for King Duvets Can Be Purchased in Many Fabrics at Many Prices
Fabrics for king duvet covers range from Egyptian cotton, linen and cotton, cotton and polyester, flannel, microsuede, chenille, sateen, chambray and wool. Prices vary so much but they can be found on sale from under $50 to well over $200. And if you want the king duvets themselves to be down-filled, prices can go much higher, depending on the degree of warmth desired.

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