King Size Pillows

Written by Shirley Parker
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King size pillows at 20" x 36" were designed to complement king size beds. For individuals with the frame of larger athletes, they have the honest capability of being slept on, in addition to making king size beds look tidily handsome when they're made up. It's also true that three standard size pillows at 20" x 26" do just as good a job of decorating. They're also more versatile, so quite often, that's what luxury hotels use instead.

For the rest of us, king size pillows might come in handy to cuddle with, especially if we're in pain, perhaps recovering from a serious accident. That includes putting a pillow under poor Fluffy or Fido when they're recovering from surgery, too, and can't fit into their pet bed because of a cast on a leg, assuming the veterinarian hasn't specifically prescribed a flat surface for them. Newer, five feet-long body pillows are also very comfortable for humans or pets in distress.

Almost all luxury pillows, regardless of material, can be ordered king sized. You can select down, double down, down and feathers, or latex inside wool, for example. Resilient all, they provide good support for your head. Orthopedic surgeons and other professionals would probably see fewer patients with head and neck problems if we all took better care when selecting pillows, even if king size pillows aren't our personal choice.

King Size Pillows of a Different Kind

Scientists have taken to placing mattress-sized pillows at specific snow survey sites in California. Landing on the pillows, snow displaces a sort of anti-freeze inside each pillow as it accumulates on top. A data signal is triggered and received by California Department of Water Resources that helps track changes in critical snowpack. Even so, the snow surveyor can still count on sleeping on his own king size pillow after a hard day's work of measuring snowpack the old-fashioned way.

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