Luxury Down Comforters

Written by Shirley Parker
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Luxury down comforters are usually made from goose down. Rarely, they are made from the down of the Eider Duck, which is a protected species. Its down is hand harvested from nests when the nests are empty, with the resulting comforters having prices somewhere in the stratosphere.

Luxury down comforters for ordinary mortals are still not inexpensive, at least not when they are made from top quality down, such as that which comes from Canadian Hutterite farms. Manufacturers go to great lengths to try and purchase Hutterite down. When the year's supply has been sold out, top quality down from European and some former Soviet bloc countries is a next choice. It also makes fine luxury down comforters. Geese that grow up in colder climes produce more down to keep themselves warm.

Because large comforters have so much area to fill, feathers are sometimes added to the down. This lowers the cost, and if smaller, softer duck feathers are used, the quills don't poke through to the outside. White goose down from Asia may be used in less expensive products.

Luxury Down Comforters Can Be Custom Made

When ordering down comforters, customers can often indicate that they would like to have a monogram embroidered on them. It is a source of pride and also indicates ownership by luxury hotels placing the order. Families, too, may want their monogram or a person's name or other personal lettering embroidered. These may include the hopes of the family as in "Future Astronaut" or "Deep Sea Diving Master." This type of customizing is provided for an additional fee.

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