Marriott Pillows

Written by Shirley Parker
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Marriott pillows are the same kind that the Marriott hotels use in all their luxury hotels. Some of their hotels have spectacular views from most, if not all rooms, and are often in close proximity to specialty shopping and entertainment venues. Inside the rooms, the view is just plain luxurious, with the thick linens and bedding contributing greatly to that ambience.

No matter how well you sleep in a luxury hotel, you can't take their bedding home with you. But you can have that same pride of ownership and above all, the same comfort when sleeping in your own home, whether it's a mansion or a small condominium. Marriott pillows contain a pillow made of small feathers that is wrapped inside a layer of down and covered by a high thread count cover that is all cotton. Everything stays firmly in place to provide that comfortable support, and no feathers poke out.

Perhaps anyone, not just hotel buyers, could always purchase Marriott pillows from the manufacturer or supplier, but no one was aware of that a few years ago. Certainly today, you can find a source for just about anything on the Internet. And these pillows come in standard and king size. You may purchase just one, or a set of two, or a complete set of four pillows.

Marriott Pillows Have an Allergy Free Warranty from the Manufacturer

The pillows have what is called a 550 Fill Power, not the most expensive, to those who know, but durable and soft to the touch. They can be machine-washed and dried and need to be fluffed up. The filler is very carefully cleaned to minimize allergic reaction and the tightly sewn cover keeps the filler and any little remaining dust securely inside where it belongs.

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