Pillow Sets

Written by Shirley Parker
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"Pillow sets" generally indicate more than one set of pillows, but what constitutes a set? Two or four that match, we might suppose, just as an example. We're talking luxury pillows here, but they aren't usually a set in the sense that they're nested like Ukrainian dolls, with each one containing a smaller version of itself, or a set sold with accessories, as crystal soap dishes, fine-milled soaps and delicate lotions often are.

A set can be whatever the supplier or manufacturer determines it to be. So reading the description carefully to verify exactly what's being bought is a good use of time. A "pillow set" may be two king size pillows, while a "complete set" of pillows may mean four of them that are standard size, or vice versa. Occasionally, pillow sets may mean the pillow protectors and/or pillowcases are included in the price, but this doesn't seem to be a very common practice.

Pillow sets generally mean the pillows are all made from the same filler, but a bright and colorful decorative theme can be achieved when the pillows in the set are of different shapes and sizes. That's getting creative, especially if the manufacturer enables the buyer to mix and match the pillowcases or zippered covers. If you want different levels of firmness among pillows, it's possible to create your own pillow set by ordering one of each or two of each, and so forth.

Pillow Sets Aid Reading in Bed

For the inveterate reader who just can't put down a book until they've got to the middle or the end, a set of firm pillows will provide much better support for the back than softer ones. A pillow set may also include a body pillow, as in one that is 60" long, enabling a change of position while reading into the wee hours. Generally, though, due to the added cost, a body pillow is a separate purchase.

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