Queen Size Pillows

Written by Shirley Parker
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Queen size pillows should be easy enough to figure out. They fit somewhere between standard and king size. But that seems to be where agreement ends. For example, some manufacturers make a queen size pillow in a 20" x 30" size, which is four inches longer than a standard size pillow.

Other manufacturers sell queen size pillows that may be 30" x 15" but are five inches thick, seeming larger than the normal, possibly flatter, king size pillows at 20" x 36". They usually aren't larger, unless you're a mathematician and know the exact thickness of that king size pillow you're comparing it to!

Such discrepancies can make it difficult to buy a queen size pillowcase that fits properly. You really have to read the labels. Even very detailed descriptions of pillows sometimes leave something else out, such as what thickness the pillow scrunches down to when your head is resting on it. Most tired guests at hotels don't worry too much about that. They're just thrilled to be in such a wonderful, comfortable bed after taking a hot shower. But if you'll be sleeping on queen size pillows every day, it's extremely important to protect your neck.

Customers Can Ask for More Information on Queen Size Pillows

Manufacturers are very good at providing answers to the most expected questions, but don't hesitate to query them if yours is not one they get asked as often. It's likely to be your money you're going to spend and it isn't bad manners to ask customer service for more information. Customer goodwill is very important to most companies, although they do appreciate politeness in return. Let them know if an employee has been rude without reason, of course.

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