Ready Made Valances

Written by Tara Peris
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Ready-made valances make it easy to attain the look of customized interior design. Crisp, clean lines and elegant styling will conceal unsightly hardware and create a streamlined look around the window. This in turn provides an understated frame for your windows that lets them really shine.

A valance is a piece of tailored fabric that runs across the top of a window. It can be used as a solitary window treatment or in conjunction with other dressings such as shades, curtains, and jabots. Although its primary purpose is to hide curtain rods, the valance can be a simple, tasteful way to adorn a window.

Reasons to Keep It Simple

If you've ever suffered through the agony of purchasing customized window treatments, you can appreciate the value of choosing something simple. It's all too easy to get sucked into the world of professional design, bandying about terms such as "pinch pleat" and "swag" and hoping they get you what you want. Most of the time, they get you a hefty bill you could have avoided with a little ingenuity.

Buying ready-made curtains can spare you much of this ordeal. The designs tend to be a bit simpler, and this can prevent you from going overboard with ornate hangings. Ready-made valances are also a good deal more affordable than customized options, making them a logical first choice for most homeowners. Have a go at the ready-made lines, and turn to the professionals only when absolutely necessary.

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