Ritz Carlton Pillows

Written by Shirley Parker
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Ritz Carlton pillows are available for sale to the public, a fact that's really quite surprising. Somehow, such luxuries have been considered the sole domain of those who can afford frequent stays in high-class hospitality suites. However, any one of us can enjoy and benefit from these down and feather pillows that are offered for sale through the official suppliers, who now have a website.

The feathers contained in the middle of the Ritz Carlton pillows are small and soft, yet firm. Surrounded by a layer of down, they offer a good deal of support along with such comfort. The pillow feels soft, but in this case, density design is considered medium to firm. It doesn't matter whether you prefer to sleep on your side or your back (or even on your stomach), your head and neck will be comfortably supported.

The covers for the pillows are made from 230-thread count cotton, meaning they are sturdy while keeping the down inside. This helps make the Ritz Carlton pillows allergy free. Also keeping the down firmly inside is a double needle sewn edge for seams that won't pull apart.

More About Ritz Carlton Pillows

It is always best to buy two or four pillows at a time, if you can possibly afford to do so. It's easier to wash two of them that are of approximately the same construction. These classic pillows can be bought in standard or king size, though, so two of each might work best for your household, if you decide to go that route. They are made in the USA from materials that have been imported.

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