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Creating a complete child's room can be one of the most enjoyable experiences parents and children can share. Children enjoy being able to express themselves through their surroundings while parents enjoy being able to design an attractive, inviting space for their children. Parents of very young children can design their kid's room alone, but parents of older children will want to allow them to have some input into the theme and design.

When you start designing your child's room, you'll want to start by choosing a theme or a color scheme. This will give you a starting place and will guide the development of the room. Pick a theme that appeals to your child's interests. Common themes might include cowboys, sports, teddy bears, or flowers. The color scheme should complement the theme you select.

Once you have the theme and colors selected, it is time to start furnishing your child's room. Sheets and pillow cases are a good place to start. The sheets and cases are what your child has closest contact with and should not be overlooked. Items that complement the color scheme and further the theme of the room are best. For example, if the theme of your child's room includes cowboys, choose sheets with a western print.

High Quality Sheets and Pillow Cases
When selecting sheets, you'll want to pick well made, durable, and comfortable ones. Cheap products can irritate the sensitive skin of children and make for an uncomfortable situation. You'll also want to make sure the sheets you choose will last. Children are notoriously hard on everything, and you will want to choose sheets and cases that will withstand constant washing and abuse.

After you've selected bedding in the right color and design for your child's room, you'll then move onto choosing blankets and throws. Blankets should be of a design and color that go with the sheets and that also complement the overall theme of the room. Children tend to like designs that are bolder and busier than adults, so take this into consideration as you shop.

After the bedding is selected, you'll need a bed to put it on. Kid's beds are not what they used to be. Now they are much more fun and much more unique. An exciting bed in the shape of a racecar, castle, or fire station will appeal to children. It will make bed time a lot more fun and kids will be more willing to go to sleep, reducing the stress in parents' routines. There are even beds with slides and desks built in to add to the fun.

Other Considerations for Children's Rooms
The next thing you'll need to furnish your child's room is a dresser or night stand. Dressers are often the first thing people notice when they enter a room and a unique, attractive dresser makes an excellent centerpiece in a child's room. Dressers in attractive colors and with intricate, hand-crafted or painted designs can add a definite touch of class to a kid's room. Dressers will also need to be made of durable materials to withstand the abuse of a child.

You can finish it all off with attention to detail. It's the little things that make a difference, and this applies to kids' rooms as well. Decorative drawer knobs and photo frames put the finishing touches on a complete and attractive bedroom. Drawer knobs and frames should also go along with the overall color scheme and theme of the room.

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