White Goose Down

Written by Shirley Parker
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White goose down originates in a number of countries. Some sources on the worldwide web actually state that Asia is the source of all that fluffy white down. Their rationale seems to be that those geese are first raised for food and Asia consumes a great deal of them. The down is a secondary result, or by-product.

Hungary and Canada actually produce some of the finest white goose down in the world. While I disliked my high school geography teacher, I give him credit for being correct about a large number of subjects. And the last time I looked, neither Hungary nor Canada had relocated to Asia since my high school years. The point is that you must often take what you read on the Internet with at least a few grains of salt, or a healthy scepticism. Asia may produce up to half of the world's annual supply of white goose down, but certainly not all of it.

True down appears, and is, 3-dimensional with clusters that interlock through millions of what can only be called filaments. That fluffy air trap is what keeps you warm, even when outside air is very cold. High-quality down products don't easily wear out, but it is best to keep them from getting wet and they must be dried thoroughly if that happens to prevent mold.

White Goose Down Is One of Several Quality Downs

Aesthetically, white down is very pleasing to the senses. We think of white things as being pure, after all. Yet not all down has to be white to be highly effective. In fact, down from the highly prized and protected Eider Duck is brown.

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