Window Treatments

Written by Tara Peris
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Navigating the adventurous world of do-it-yourself interior design is usually smooth sailing until it comes time to select appropriate window treatments. Right about then the waters become rocky and the sheer wealth of opportunities can sink you if you're not careful. It takes a keen eye and a patient soul to find your way safely to shore.

Windows are a focal point of any room. Or at least, they can be with the right treatment. It need not be fancy or elaborate, but it must suit the existing decor as well as the architectural elements of the room. You want curtains that complement rather than distract from the decor, and you want hangings that work to enhance the size and shape of the pane.

Talk Pretty One Day

When it comes to window treatments, curtains are just the tip of the iceberg. Most people feel as though they've opened Pandora's box when they head the way of valances, cornices, and shades. The terms alone can leave you searching desperately for an interpreter. Learning the lingo is par for the course, and it makes sense to spend some time on an interior design website familiarizing yourself with styles and terms. A simple glossary can help you make sense of much of what you see and get you talking like a pro in no time.

This crash course will orient you to the field, and it will also help you to brainstorm for new ideas. Use the Internet to your advantage and see what's out there before committing to a single design. When you've had an opportunity to explore, you can look for retailers who sell ready-made wall treatments in the styles you desire.

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