Boat Beds

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Boat beds used to mean that you made do with what you had. In most cases, this meant "roughing it" in an uncomfortable and ergonomically incorrect bed. The idea of healthy, high quality travel beds that pamper rather than punish the body hadn't arrived yet. Thank goodness it finally has.

Boat beds can be custom designed by manufacturers of today's most innovative mattresses, such as the Swedish Tempu-pedic beds. These mattresses take nearly every health consideration into account, from the materials from which the mattresses are made (ergonomically superior foam latex rather than traditional fiber), to the mattress covers (specially treated, hypoallergenic and mite-resistant cotton), to the dynamics of musculoskeletal support.

Shopping for Boat Beds

Whether you have a small boat or a luxury yacht, it's always possible to find a boat bed that's just the right size for the available space. This is because boat beds can be custom designed to fit spaces of any shape or size. Some companies can fulfill your request within a very short amount of time, with your custom boat bed arriving at your door within just a few weeks.

When you're on your boat, a good night's sleep is very important--for safety's sake as well as for your enjoyment. A deep and uneventful sleep will keep your body agile rather than stiff, relaxed rather than sore. Plus, with the better quality rest that a superior bed delivers, you'll feel that much more refreshed, alert and ready to take on the challenges of the water. You'll also be more likely to enjoy every precious moment of your vacation time.

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