Childrens Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Children's beds are available in a number of styles. Some children may not care about the style of their bed, so your priority will be a bed that saves space. Others might prefer a bed that matches other favorite pieces of furniture. For example, if your son has a set of furniture that includes a desk and set of drawers, he might prefer the bed frame to match. Other children might prefer more novel beds, such as bed frames that look like race cars.

Loft Beds for Children

Loft beds can be a great idea for children of all ages. If you have a small home and your child's room is rather cramped, a loft bed can provide additional room in which your child can play. If you have children who share a room, a loft bunk bed is an alternative to the traditional bunk beds in which the lower bunk is almost on the floor. Both children can feel as though they have a high bunk, which can save a lot of quarrels.

Loft beds are available in many different styles. Those made from wood may be made of either light or dark woods. Beds are also available in styles that are reminiscent of quaint cottages with picket fences, castles, or novelty settings.

A great advantage of loft beds for children is that some provide a considerable amount of storage space. Others incorporate desks underneath the bunk. Of course, you can get a loft bed and place any desk that fits underneath it. Alternatively, you can place chairs, beanbags or other objects to sit on underneath the loft. Children can also use the space under the loft to stow any of their belongings, which may be useful when you tell them to clean their rooms.

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