Childrens Loft Bed Plans

Written by Serena Berger
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If you think that your children could use a little bit of extra space in their room, you might want to consider getting them loft beds. Some loft beds can be purchased, already constructed, from furniture stores. These beds, however, may not fit into the space available in your children's room.

As an alternative, you might consider finding plans to build a loft bed for your children. People who enjoy working construction projects can save a significant amount of money by using plans to build a loft bed. You also have more control over the design of the bed, so you will be able to incorporate details that your children will like.

Necessary Skills for Building a Loft Bed

If you are building the entire frame, you will need to be comfortable using power tools such as a circular saw and power drill. You will also need to be able to transport the lumber that will be used for the construction. It is also helpful to have someone else present who can assist you with lifting and positioning the pieces once they are cut.

Loft beds are not only attractive pieces of furniture but also serve a functional purpose. If your child's room is small, a loft bed can increase the amount of space that is available for them to use for study or play. A loft bed also creates a basic framework for any time that he or she wants to build a fort. Your child may even want to help build the loft bed. While he may not be able to help you with each step of the plans, he might enjoy bonding with you over the project and feel a sense of pride in the work as he enjoys it for years to come.

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