Childrens Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Many parents might shy away from the thought of getting a loft bed for their child. Parents are right to be concerned with safety, as loft beds can elevate you up to five feet off of the ground. While many loft beds are sold with safety rails, this may not be enough to convince you that they are worth the risk.

Fortunately, many loft beds designed for children are not a full five feet off the ground. Children's loft beds are designed to be both fun and functional--and, above all else, safe. Safety rails are usually present on all four sides of the bed and are securely attached to the bed frame itself.

Designs of Children's Loft Beds

Some loft beds designed for children have other features that children will find particularly appealing. For example, many children's loft beds have slides that allow children to take a fun ride down from their bed when they first wake up in the morning. These loft beds are also designed to fit particular motifs, such as cottages and castles. Other loft beds include tents that can provide children with hours of fun, and can be easily removed when they tire of them.

With so much stylized design integrated into the bed frame, you might suspect that you will have to replace the bed once your child changes his taste. If this is a concern for you, there are loft beds designed for children that are simpler and more basic in their appearance. While they do not incorporate the same degree of whimsy and fun, these beds provide children with the space that they want and the novelty of having a loft bed. If you're handy and creative, you can decorate, paint, or add fabric draperies around the bed to re-invent the loft every few months at minimal expense.

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