Classic Pillows

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Classic pillows are defined by their shape. Today there are many different kinds of high-tech pillows on the market, all designed to offer ergonomic benefits. For instance, many adjustable pillows offer different height levels, different degrees of firmness, and even different head positions--all in one pillow! As a result, these pillows are often oddly and asymmetrically shaped.

These shapes may not be aesthetically pleasing to the person who wants her pillow to look like a pillow ... and not like a wedge of Swiss cheese! What if you desire the benefits of the new wave of ergonomically correct, foam-based pillows, but without the space-age look? The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds with classically shaped, ergonomic foam pillows.

Classic Pillows from Modern Materials

For example, the famous Swedish Tempur-pedic brand offers a classically shaped, 25 by 19 inch pillow that is filled with small pieces of Tempur-pedic foam material. This pillow looks exactly like the classic pillows of yesteryear. However, it acts like the modern-day "intelligent" foam pillows that the company originally designed for NASA astronauts on their long and demanding missions.

Classic pillows by Tempur-pedic are so sensitive that they can sense changes in human body temperature, movement and pressure, quickly changing their form to accommodate unsupported areas. Rather than you having to experience discomfort while you sleep, changing your position until you're finally comfortable, the pillow does the work for you. In the meantime, you are allowed to enjoy an uninterrupted, deep sleep with correct cervical support.

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