Comfort Pillows

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Comfort pillows are important for maintaining healthy head, neck, shoulder and spinal alignment. Too often, we dismiss comfort as an unnecessary luxury when, in reality, comfort and discomfort are indicators of our well being. Specifically, discomfort in the head and neck region is our body's way of telling us that our alignment is out of whack and needs to be changed.

All day long we subject our bodies to varying levels of abuse. In the office, ergonomics are a constant challenge. We stare at computer screens, slumping and craning our necks without being aware of it. If we work in non-office jobs, we may be on our feet all day, subjecting our joints and lower back to strain. If we work on assembly lines, we may make ourselves stiff and sore from repetitive movements.

Relief with Comfort Pillows

The least we could do when we're not working is to put our bodies in truly healthy, restful positions. When we watch TV, we can make sure our head and necks are supported sufficiently, especially if we're lying down. When it comes to sleep, we can check our mattresses for indentations or sag, which are indications that they're worn and can no longer sufficiently support us. We can switch to comfort pillows, which are just as important for proper support as our mattresses.

Most pillows are useless and counterproductive. They collapse into a load of compressed feathers or batting when we lay our heads on them, when ideally they should give in just enough for the neck and shoulders to be comfortable, without collapsing. This accounts for the invention of "comfort pillows." These pillows are often constructed out of temperature- and pressure-sensitive "memory foam", which supports perfectly by filling in the hollows between the neck and shoulders without pushing the body into unnatural positions.

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