Custom Size Mattresses

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Custom size mattresses can be made for any space, no matter how small or oddly shaped. Typically, different types of spaces call for different types of mattresses. For example, a space inside a small boat is very constrained, calling for a mattress that conserves on height. Low-level mattresses of various shapes and sizes are routinely built by custom mattress designers.

On the other hand, an RV, loft, camper or truck is less restrictive in head space and allows for greater mattress height. Accordingly, custom mattresses designed for these spaces are thicker, commonly around eight inches thick. People generally prefer thick mattresses, and designers will certainly deliver on this expectation if the situation permits.

Why Custom Size Mattresses?

It's not just the size and shape of the custom mattress that makes it different; it's also the quality of the mattress material. Today's options for custom size mattresses are far healthier than what they used to be. This is because over the past few decades, leading mattress designers, such as the Swedish Tempur-pedic company, have put much effort into research and development on human sleep patterns, ergonomics, and the role of mattresses in relation to these issues.

The result of all their research, which was originally contracted for the benefit of NASA astronauts, is the high density foam based mattress. This represents the most sophisticated and ergonomically correct mattress invented up to this point. Foam mattresses, such as the Tempur-pedic, are able to sense human temperature and weight, and adjust themselves to accommodate areas of the body that need support. The result is an "intelligent" mattress material, which can be easily cut into custom size mattresses.

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