Dorm Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Many college dorms include all the furniture that students need to live in the rooms. This often includes a mattress through which you can feel the bed springs and a fairly basic bed frame. While these pieces of furniture often suffice, many students would prefer something not only more comfortable, but also more stylish. Dorm loft beds can show off your creativity as well as give you the additional space for which you are searching.

If you cannot dispose of the furniture assigned to your room without incurring heavy fines, you can often incorporate it into the construction of a loft bed. For example, you can probably remove the legs from a basic metal frame, providing you with a flat surface on which you can lay the mattress. Also, rather than going out and purchasing your own mattress and figuring out what to do with the school's, you can buy mattress pads to make your basic mattress much more comfortable.

Improvising to Create a Dorm Loft Bed

The next step in constructing a loft bed in your dorm is to devise some way to elevate the bed. The purpose of a loft bed is to create extra space underneath the bed, so you want to be sure that your bed is high enough to create the amount of desired space as well as leaving sufficient clearance from the ceiling. Enterprising students have devised various ideas, from using drawers and desks to building a frame to support the mattress.

If your dorm allows you to remove furniture from the room, rather than improvising, you can purchase a loft bed that is already constructed. These vary in style, but usually include the frame and a ladder that lets you climb up to the mattress. If you choose to buy a loft bed to put in your dorm room, be sure that you know the dimensions of your room before you finalize your purchase.

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