Full Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Many individuals prefer at least a full size bed over a twin size bed. This gives them the space to sprawl across the mattress in any direction in which they want to sleep. Full mattresses are more practical for tall individuals whose feet hang off the end of a twin size bed. The shortcoming for some people is that these mattresses take up a considerable amount of floor space.

Full loft beds, however, provide you with the benefits of a full size bed without costing you the additional space. By elevating the bed frame, you regain the valuable floor space in your apartment. Depending on the size of your apartment, this can provide you with any number of opportunities.

If you have a small studio apartment, your bed is going to be in the room where visitors are going to be. Rather than forcing people to sit awkwardly or uncomfortably on your bed, you can place a sofa underneath the bed. As an alternative, you could put your television underneath the bed and place a sofa on the opposite side of the room.

Full Loft Beds Create More Space

Full loft beds also provide you with the opportunity for increased storage space. You might own furniture that fits underneath the loft bed. If you simply need a place to organize your belongings, the easiest thing is to use a few milk crates and stack them under your bed. Full loft beds essentially add extra space to your room. This is best appreciated by people that rent an apartment and have a limited number of square feet, as they realize how valuable any additional space can be.

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