Fun Kids Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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If you're a parent decorating on a budget, combining form (or fun) and function becomes your top priority. You probably don't want to take a risk on buying the most outlandish bed your child expresses an interest in, because if he or she grows tired of it, you won't necessarily be able to replace it. A bed on Astroturf or with large glittery plastic bubbles all over the frame can seem like a fun and novel idea, but you may have to be the voice of reason and say that it doesn't seem to have the greatest potential for longevity.

But that doesn't mean your child has to live in the antiseptic quarters from One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. There are ways to bring a little more fun to your child's room while allowing for flexibility in design and function as your child grows. In my pre-teen days, I had a canopy bed, decorated with rainbow chiffon draperies with lots of frills and lace. (I thought it was heaven, and all of my friends were suitably envious.) When I felt like I had outgrown it, we just took off the canopy and the fripperies, and I immediately had an elegant four post bed.

Fun Beds that Can Transform as Kids Grow

A loft bed gives you the same kinds of options, and actually more so. Some loft beds have frames with a number of horizontal pieces over which you can drape fabrics or to which you can pin pictures. You can even create a totally different environment within the frame than you have on the outside.

For example, you can hang draperies of some sort all around the bed, making a small alcove within the frame. On the outside, you can hang whatever pictures you want people to see, while on the inside, you can have more private mementos or personal things. If you have a beanbag chair, plump cushions, or even a chair or small loveseat, you can put it in the alcove and turn it into a favorite place for listening to music, or talking online or on the phone.

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