Girls Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Your daughter may want a loft bed for several possible reasons. She may have seen a particular bed frame that she thought was beautiful. She might also have had the idea that she would be able to have more fun decorating a loft bed. Another reason is that it may provide her with more space in her room by elevating the bed and allowing her to set up something underneath it.

A loft bed not only allows you to sleep in a higher position, but also provides a frame which you can decorate as you see fit. A young girl, for example, might want to drape a gossamer fabric from the base of the bed frame to the floor, creating a secluded area for herself. Many things can fit in the space underneath the bed frame, such as loose cushions or a desk.

Loft beds are available in a number of different styles. If your daughter has a furniture set in her room and wants to find a bed that matches the style, you might find a loft bed for sale by the same furniture manufacturer. If not, many furniture makers can easily design custom loft bed to your specifications.

Converting a Basic Bed Frame to a Loft Bed

Something that you may want to consider is converting an existing bed frame into a loft bed for your child. Basic plans are available that provide the instructions necessary to construct the posts to elevate a bed. You should only consider this, however, if you have experience in construction projects and are comfortable using power tools to cut and shape the wood.

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