Junior Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Some residents in college dorms rooms have injured themselves falling out of their bunk beds. As a result of such accidents, schools are investing in guard rails to be attached to such beds. Others schools have decided to purchase different types of beds rather than investing in additions to the existing bed frames. By purchasing new beds, however, schools are faced with the challenge of providing beds that allow for storage underneath them.

Many college dorms now use junior loft beds. These beds are very flexible, as they often have two or three different heights at which they can be set. At its highest setting, the bed is three feet above the ground. Drawers can then be placed underneath the bed, creating additional floor space that can be used for other items.

Junior Loft Beds Outside of the Dorm

You do not have to live in a college dorm room to find a use for a junior loft bed. Some loft beds are sold as part of furniture collections, making it easy to find matching desks and drawers. Other loft beds have these pieces of furniture built directly into the bed frame. For example, a desk can slide out from underneath the loft bed and then be replaced when it is not in use.

Junior loft beds provide additional storage space without increasing the height of the bed beyond the point at which many people become uncomfortable. You get the benefit of increased space without needing to climb up a ladder to get to your bed. Best of all, there is no need to have a safety rail attached to the side of your bed with a lower loft.

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