Kids Bedroom Furniture

Written by Serena Berger
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Having a private space is very important for children developmentally. They may choose to invite you, a sibling, or a friend to share their retreat on certain occasions, but there should be someplace that they can call their own. Given this fact, typically what parents will do depends on how much space they have and what resources they can devote to allowing a child to personalize his or her private space.

The bedroom is usually the first choice for a personal space for a child. You may have a family room or a play room, and lucky children may have some kind of clubhouse or tree house. But in a household with more limited resources, a child may have a very small bedroom or even have to share a bedroom.

Privacy and Play in Kids' Rooms

If this is the case, there are a few clever ways of making a personal sanctuary in a shared bedroom. Decorative screens and room dividers are one of the best ways to do this, as they are typically inexpensive and can be used to reshape or partition a room. Most parents learn quickly that most children have an affinity for small "secret" places. It's nice to know that you can give a child hours of exciting play time by turning a corner of a room into the setting for all kind of imaginative games with nothing more than a decorative screen, and flashlight, and a couple of sheets.

Many children also love levels. They love to climb on things and be off the ground. A loft bed can become a ship, a spaceship, an attic at Hogwarts, a car, a clubhouse, and infinitely many other things that a plain old bed cannot. If your child seems a little bored and unhappy with his personal space, consider these options to foster more creative play as well as happiness.

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