Kids Low Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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No matter how much space your child has in his bedroom, he can always use more floor space for playing. The space available to children in their bedrooms, however, is limited by the furniture present in their rooms as well as the size of the bedrooms. Low loft beds provide a solution by increasing the amount of space available to your child to do whatever he would like with it, from sprawling out across the floor and drawing to playing with his toys.

The problem with regular loft beds is that the height of bed is fairly high in comparison to the height of your child. Rather than requiring the potentially scary challenge of climbing up a high ladder every night, kids' low loft beds are closer to the ground and consequently are much easier for your child to reach. They also leave more space between the bed and the ceiling, meaning that your child may still be able to jump up and down on the bed without the risk of hitting his head on the ceiling.

Safety Issues with Kids' Low Loft Beds

In reality, it is usually the parents who are more concerned about safety than children. Low loft beds are closer to the ground, so in the event that your child falls out of the bed, he will not be hurt as much as if he had fallen out of a regular loft bed. As with regular loft beds, however, there are side rails you can install to prevent such accidents from happening.

Loft beds can provide children with an abundance of opportunities for creating fantasy worlds. Some beds are designed around specific themes, such as firehouses or cottages. It does not take much, however, for children to picture themselves in any number of settings, from the woods to the surface of the moon. A few additional decorative elements can turn the area around the loft bed into outer space or the night sky.

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