Latex Pillows

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Latex pillows are a great choice for people who suffer from allergies and want a pillow that will alleviate and not aggravate the problem. This is because latex (the organic kind, not synthetic latex, which is filled with chemical additives) is naturally hypoallergenic. Latex is an extremely hygienic material, being naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and parasitic pests such as dust mites.

These factors make latex the top choice in pillows for allergen-sensitive sleepers. However, latex offers other benefits as well, such as excellent support. When made by a reputable manufacturer, latex pillows support the neck, shoulders, and spine according to the body's natural alignment. They don't push the body into positions; rather, they yield to the way the body wants to go, succumbing to the weight of your head and the contours of your neck.

More Benefits of Latex Pillows

The firm yet yielding quality of latex-based pillows makes them the favorite of chiropractors and musculoskeletal experts. In addition, pillows are often designed with several support options, all in one pillow. For instance, some pillows contain different levels to accommodate different sized people. Depending on the way you position the pillow, you can choose normal to firm neck support, as well as vary the height.

To combat snoring and other breathing problems, some latex pillows are designed to encourage the head to lay to the side, rather than facing upwards. This allows a wider respiratory tract and prevents the soft palate and tongue collapse that usually leads to snoring. Some latex-based pillows are machine washable. All pillows should come with a cotton cover, preferably of organic cotton.

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