Loft Bed Plans

Written by Serena Berger
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Loft bed plans are available for purchase at many online stores. The amount of material included with the plans, however, varies significantly. While some loft bed plans include the hardware necessary to assemble the bed, down to the nuts and bolts, other kits include the plans and the lumber, but assume you have the necessary tools. In some cases, you get nothing but the plans on paper.

If you have access to a hardware store that sells lumber and supplies, the plans may be all that you need to purchase. Many stores will cut lumber to specified dimensions for a nominal fee. Such a service makes it unnecessary for you to purchase power tools that you will not use in the future. This is also a useful service for those who want to complete projects like building a bed frame, but are uncomfortable using such tools. Of course, if you own your own equipment, including power saws, this service may not be necessary.

Constructing a Loft Bed from the Plans

Loft bed plans can provide you with a formal framework for constructing your loft bed. Building a loft bed doesn't sound too complicated at first. You really just need to create a structure to support a surface on which you will lay your mattress. With no prior experience, it's likely that you could put together a frame that will hold itself up. The question that remains to be answered is if it will support your weight night after night.

Rather than risking your safety and a good night's sleep, loft bed plans provide instructions for how to assemble a solid and sturdy frame. The plans provide detailed instructions, often illustrated with drawings, that show you how to connect different pieces of wood so that the joints are secure.

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