Loft Bed Systems

Written by Serena Berger
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Loft bed systems are available from a number of retail outlets. Furniture stores that sell products that you need to assemble on your own often carry some types of loft beds, while many high end furniture stores may keep a couple of models in stock but are unlikely to have an extensive selection. There are also online stores that custom make each loft bed that they sell, but this customization will probably come with a higher pricetag.

Before you decide on a particular bed, you should first consider the reasons why you want a loft bed. Some people prefer to be higher off of the ground when they sleep. Others purchase loft beds because they need the additional storage space underneath the bed.

If you fall into the latter group, you should determine if you want to buy a loft bed system that includes storage or if you prefer to have separate pieces of furniture. While it may be cost efficient to purchase a single piece of furniture that integrates a bed, desk, and dresser unit, there are some limitations to such a solution. Specifically, you will need to purchase separate pieces of furniture if you ever decide to replace the bed, and that could cost more money that you would have at that point.

Styles of Loft Bed Systems

Since loft beds are designed in a variety of styles, you will not have to compromise form in favor of function. If you have a modern motif in your bedroom, you can find loft bed systems constructed from metal. If you like the look of dark woods, you can find many loft beds systems made either from dark woods or from woods that are easily stained and finished. Pine and birch are both extremely popular and look lovely unfinished or finished.

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