Lofted Bunk Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Bunk beds provide you with two sleeping areas in the space of one. This is accomplished by stacking one on top of the other on the same frame, and you will find them most often in rooms shared by children or in dorm rooms at school. For the most part, bunk beds are typically twin size beds, though you can occasionally find a double bunk bed, or a twin bunk over a full bed.

Loft beds give you more storage or living space by raising your bed on a frame. They are rather like a bunk bed, but instead, have open space where the lower bed would usually be. That space can be used for whatever you want--a desk, chairs, your TV, drawers, or storage space.

Space-saving Lofted Bunk Beds

Lofted bunk beds combine the best attributes from both of these ideas. They do so with some sacrifices, however, and as a result, people think of them primarily for children's rooms in cases where saving space is of the utmost importance. With lofted bunk beds there are two beds included in the structure, but instead of one of them being virtually on the floor and the other significantly higher, the lower bed is raised high enough off the floor that stuff can still fit underneath it.

This means that the lower bed may have as little clearance below the higher bed as the higher bed has below the ceiling. Not necessarily the best bet if you're claustrophobic, but fine for children who don't mind it and would rather have more floor space on which to play. You're not likely to have enough space under the bed for a desk, but you should have enough storage for clothing, books, or toys.

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