Low Dorm Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Dorm rooms are designed to be functional. As a result, it is often left up to the creativity of the residents to transform an otherwise dull (and potentially dreary) space into a place in which they do not mind (or even come to like) living. They are further hindered in the objective, however, by the fact that the amount of space available to them is fairly limited.

So Many Things, So Little Space

Many students prefer a degree of privacy. If they can get a single at all, they must try to fit all the belongings that they consider essential into a small room. This will include a dresser unit, bed, desk and chair from the college--at the very least. Additional pieces of furniture often include a stereo system, television, and possibly a pet tank. All of this furniture takes up more space, and by now, you're probably starting to see how hard it will be to fit the student in the space with all this stuff!

Low dorm loft beds create additional space by lifting the bed off of the floor. Many students will choose to use the additional space for storage, for a microfridge, or for stereo components. Others will purchase low dorm loft beds that include a built-in desk, thereby integrating multiple pieces of furniture into a single unit.

Since many dorms have fairly low ceilings, low loft beds are all but essential. As the height of ceilings varies from building to building, you will need to know the exact height of the ceilings to determine what type of loft bed you can purchase. "Low" dorm loft beds are raised nearly four feet off of the ground, while other loft beds may be five or six feet off of the ground. Both the height of the ceiling and your height will determine the appropriate type of loft bed for you to purchase.

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