Low Loft Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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There are two reasons that you should consider purchasing low loft beds as opposed to other loft beds. One reason to do so is if the bed is for your child, as it is a shorter distance that he or she must climb to get into the bed. The other reason that you might consider a low loft bed is if you want a loft bed, but your ceilings are not high enough to accommodate a loft bed of regular height.

Loft beds can provide children with hours of entertainment. Some are designed with themes such as castles or farms, and may even feature a slide for the child to ride down when he wakes up in the morning. There is also room underneath the bed that can be used for storage or play. Given that children usually end up with the smallest rooms in the house, loft beds are an easy way to add extra space to your child's bedroom.

While most grownups can climb up a ladder without a problem, this can be a daunting task for children. Low loft beds are more accessible to children. They are also safer as there is a shorter distance to the ground, so you will not need to be as concerned about your child falling out of his bed. You can also get a bed with a safety rail for extra peace of mind.

Low Loft Beds for Adults

There are also low loft beds available for adults' rooms. If your ceilings are too low for a regular loft bed, a low loft bed may allow enough clearance between the bed and the ceiling so that you will not hit your head every time you sit up. If you think that a loft bed will lessen the space between you and the ceiling, a low loft bed may provide you with more comfort while still providing extra space below the bed.

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