Mattress Toppers

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Mattress toppers help soften your bed so it's just the way you like it. Though a firm mattress is best for musculoskeletal alignment, many people prefer a softer surface than what most mattresses provide. Toppers enable you to enjoy the softness you want, without having to compromise on healthy support. Mattress toppers can be placed right over the top of your existing mattress.

Two basic types of toppers exist: those made of memory foam, and those made of natural latex. Memory foam toppers are less expensive, but they're also less durable than latex toppers. In addition, latex toppers offer the added benefit of being made from all natural, organic materials. Most toppers come with quilted covers, giving them extra softness. These covers are often made from polyester, but also can be made from organic wool and cotton.

More Differences in Mattress Toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers come in every size, from twin to king. They also come in different thicknesses, from two inches on up. Naturally, the thicker the topper, the more expensive it will be. Memory foam toppers are extremely popular because of their excellent performance for their low price. However, memory foam toppers are not recommended for use with mattresses that have indentations.

For mattresses that have impressions from excessive wear, latex toppers are the only viable solution. Unlike memory foam, latex does not have the problem of molding to the indentation and losing its support capabilities. This is due to the superior resilience of the latex topper's natural rubber core. However, as with memory foam, you can choose both the thickness and firmness of your latex topper.

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